Recently my children and I escaped being victims of advanced fraudsters in the United Kingdom. But for the intervention of Our Smarter than the smartest God who wouldn’t allow them access to debit our visa card with the highly quoted cost of family trips, those fraudsters who smartly poised online as rail transporters, would have ripped us of our hard earned currency. We would have paid dearly before discovering at the tube station where those guys claim to operate from, that their company do not actually exist.

While we said God be praised for our escape, I couldn’t help but think over several other similar cases back home in Nigeria where friends and loved ones weren’t so blessed, like we were, to have escaped before realizing they were being outsmarted. I recall how one of my loved ones was ripped off his hard earned millions when some smart guys poised to have a supply contract. And since the deal came through a relative he respect, he let down his guard and became a victim. On and on we could go with the facts of our discouraging experiences with fraudsters but what is true is that these smart guys received their smartness from the Lord but unfortunately, the smartness is being perverted to the glory of the devil rather than to the glory of God. While God’s Word has it that; ‘there is nothing we have that we didn’t receive from the Lord (1 Corinthians 4:7), I have seen from the lives of our past testifiers that those abilities in them which were wrongly used for evil in time past are meant for good service unto the glory of God.

For instance, Buchi Atuonwu, the reggae gospel artist and one of our past freedom testifier, has a natural hatred for oppression and that interest was earlier perverted for cultism and violence related activities, until he discovered himself in the Lord. And ever since, he has been using that interest to prevent oppression and violence in campuses and among young people to the glory of God who purposely put those interest in Him for good.

Unlike many others, including the fraudsters, who are still using their potentials and abilities as ‘thorns’ to glorify the devil, Buchi’s abilities are now serving as ‘treasures’ to the glory of God.

There is however hope for the fraudsters and those still using their abilities wrongly. Christ is your hope of glory. It is not over until you become a living testimony!. You too can birth and serve your potentials and abilities as treasures to the glory of God. The only struggle you need hence forth is a struggle to know Jesus. It is not too late to desire and accept Jesus. He is the same One who turned around the life of Buchi and all our freedom testifiers of past and present SEE MAGAZINE.  He will help you as you reach to discover yourself in Him and start using your abilities to make a difference in your world to the glory of His name. Study, believe His Word, and SEE Him work His will through you, for without exception, everyone of us He created, ‘have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, not of us.’ (2 Corinthians 4:7).

Believe it! You are the next treasure and testimony your world is waiting for!

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