After my wedding in December 19, 2009, I took in immediately and had a very peaceful conception. But when I had my baby in June 2010 at a good hospital in Ikoyi (Lagos), he was immediately diagnosed of Oesophagus blockage. He could not swallow and he was salivating excessively and whatever was put in his mouth came out.  As a result, we were not discharged from the hospital.  His treatment started with an X-ray to determine the length of the blockage. Thereafter our dear one week old baby was scheduled for surgery as we were referred to another good hospital in apapa by the Pediatricians.  It was another three weeks stay in the hospital, this time in the intensive care unit.  Then came the day of the surgery when our baby had the first surgery which involved the opening of a part of his stomach and a gastrostomy tube was fixed for him to feed through since his Oesophagus was blocked and he couldn’t feed through his mouth.

And baby was to feed through the gastrostomy tube for 8 to 9 months, a period given to ensure he grows stronger before undergoing the major Oesophagus surgery. For those months, which seemed like years, I managed baby as he fed through the gastrostomy tube. It was a terrible experience.   I drew closer to God more than ever. I prayed for grace to continue and for God to take charge. Then, to His glory, I saw our baby grow like a normal child. To me, he didn’t look like one being fed through a tube. He was strong and healthy. Before I knew it, it was 8 months! He was then referred to India for the major surgery. On arriving at India, doctors there wondered how I have been managing baby as they remarked that there was no woman in India who could do that; feed the baby alone through a gastrostomy tube.  But I knew it wasn’t by my power but by the grace of God, and that I told them as I went on to consent to having the surgery even when I was clearly told all to expect, after all that’s why we were in India.

To the glory of God, it was a successful surgery and since then baby has been growing stronger and has been feeding normally, feeding on even solid food. He is now in school.

Margaret Emoedumu


SEE: God is faithful!  His Word is forever settled!!. ‘He restores health unto you, and He heals you of your wounds,’( Jeremiah 30:17)…hence you can say; “ I and the children the Lord has given me are for signs and for wonders in Israel from the Lord of Host.” Isaiah 8:18.

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