I hail from Anambra state but grew up in Warri, Delta state, with my two siblings under the care of our mum, not knowing our Dad as our parents were separated since we were very young. We had to be in hostel even as primary school pupils but had all our needs met as our hardworking bead merchant mum did her best to see that we are well cared of and she never travelled out of town whenever we were on holidays.

It happened that at age 21 while in my second year as an undergraduate student in the University, I was on holiday and my mum, who was into renting of beads for occasion, had a wedding occasion to cater for and that occasion happened to be my cousin’s.  Unknown to my cousin, who was preparing for her wedding, she was being followed by robbers as she was driving down to our house to see my mum. That evening, as the robbers drove in with her into our compound, my brother was at work, my mum in her room while my sister and I were already in our night wear (with no underwear). The robbers started by going to my mum’s room where they took everything they could find with her and next they came to the room my sister and I occupied.  They interrogated my sister and I and eventually decided I follow them. With me sandwiched in-between three of them at the back seat, and with two others at the front seat, they drove off straight to a supermarket where they robbed for cash.

I was a catholic and had just said my rosary and I was very quiet and peaceful and I trusted God. But when they started fumbling with my body, fear came over me such that I defecated on myself but they didn’t perceive the odour immediately. They went on driving down a narrow road until they stopped by a river side where I saw them perform some sacrifice with some coins and did some incantations.  And as they came back for me, with vulgar language, they commanded me to come out of the car. Then all of a sudden, there was a disagreement. It was like those of them who started perceiving the foul odour from me were the ones saying, since I was smelling so bad, they shouldn’t rape me while the others were insisting that they must rape me.  As God would have it, I escaped being raped and the robbers actually took the trouble to drive some distance back into town before dropping me right in front of a bakery which I could recognize as I sometimes buy bread there. As soon as they were gone, I got myself together and knocked at the gate and the gate keeper opened for me and seeing me at about 2am, he was moved and as I narrated my story, he gave me his overall and showed me where to wash up and gave me a place to sleep till it was dawn. The gate keeper took me home in the morning.

My mum was told that she should be thankful to God that it was a calmer me the robbers took away and not my sister who ordinarily in her smartness may have tried something funny that could have made the robbers shoot her.

I am thankful to God for all He made me escape as He delivered me from the hungry robbers.

He alone knew the extent to which the robbers would have gone but for Him who is the defender of the weak.

Mrs Anonymous

SEE: GOD is higher than the highest!  We must not be afraid by reason of the great multitude for the battle is not ours but the Lord’s (2 Chronicles 20:15). God is smarter than the smartest. He knows to make a way of escape for us. He makes our soul to escape as a bird out of the snare of the fowler (Psalm 124:7).

With Him, the rod of the wicked shall not rest on the lot of the righteous, lest the righteous put forth their hands unto iniquity (Psalm 125:3)

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