About us

Ivory Whetstones & Mentors Foundation has been in existence for nearly two decades and during these adventurous years, we have quietly and consistently supported elderly men, elderly women through our affiliations, other women and children of all ages through entrepreneurial grants, scholarship grants, bursary awards, educational supplies, international tours, workshops, mentoring, motivational/Inspirational events, media publications, such as the SEE inspirations magazine as well as several inspiring books for adults and children.


To help women and children in need improve their lives by providing programs and services that Empower, Educate and Enrich. These program and services include; skill acquisition, school supplies, hope and encouragement through our SEE inspiration magazine and mentorship.


To provide unique assistance that positively turn the lives of the needy around.

 Dr Lawretta Emiakpor Ogrih

Dr Lawretta is an Educator and Motivator. As a representative of her family higher education affiliate business, she was the pioneer head of campus of the University of Calabar, Lekki campus, as well as the Lagos State University, Lekki external campus. She is Founder/Director of Ivory House junior schools as well as Ivory Whetstones and Mentors Foundation, an initiative with the vision of servicing the needs of women and children in need in Nigeria; these women in need include widows and struggling single mums.

Meet the founder


Our vision is to make a positive difference in the lives of people within and outside our community. We have over the years offered support to those in need in form of scholarships, free school supplies, empowerment for women & children, skill-acquisition workshops and donations. We have also published several inspirational books for children and adults as well as a non-denominational inspirational magazine(SEE Magazine) as a way of further reaching out with words of hope and encouragement to people.

To support our cause of servicing the needs of vulnerable children in need/Women in need including widows and struggling single moms. Kindly identify with any or all of the following services we provide:

  1. Scholarship for children in need
  2. Education supply for children in need.
  3. Business startup capital for women in need(widows/struggling single moms)
  4. Food, water and clothing for women in need(widows/struggling single moms)

You can make your donations to;
Account: IvoryWhetstones & Mentors Foundation Int'l
Number: 0035772456
Bank: Diamond Bank Plc

Account: IvoryWhetstones & Mentors Foundation Int'l
Number: 1012960300
Bank: Zenith Bank Plc
or Call: 0803 327 1658, 0902 121 1709, 0812 455 0307